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Terms of Sale

What are the terms of sale?

What is your refund policy?

What is your policy on the items with a "Short Best Before" date?

What's your refund policy on dented tins?

What is your policy on tax or duties applicable at my country?


How much is the shipping fee to my country?

Do you ship to my country?

Are the prices of the products inclusive of shipping?

How long does it take to receive my box?

How will i know that my box is shipped?

Will my chocolate items be safe going to a hot country?

I thought it was up to 30Kg per box, why can I only fit in about 25Kg?

Will I have to pay any extra costs at customs?

What happens if I miss my delivery?

Will courier call me before delivering the parcel?


How are your prices determined?

How does your "best price guarantee" work?


Are my credit card details safe when using this website?

Which payment methods are accepted in your website?

Which currencies are accepted in your online store?


I couldn't find the product that i was looking for, could you help?

What does "SHORT BEST BEFORE DATE" on the product name stand for?

How can I check to see if a product has a 'Best Before' date?

Do you have products for special dietary requirements?

Do you sell fresh bakes such as crumpets, cakes, buns, rolls, bagels, breads, or muffins?

Do you ship perishable or frozen items?

Can you supply me with cosmetic or personal care products?

What if i am not entirely happy with what i received?

Can i buy alcohol on your site?

What is your substitutions policy?

Is a Best Before Date same with an Expiry Date?


Do i have to register to shop at your website?

I registered but did not receive my verification email, what do I do?

Chilled Products

What is chilled food?

What's the difference between Chilled and Frozen food?